Carnival Cruise 2016

Gallery 1 (120 pics).  Carnival Cruise 21/10 2016. ARTISTS Line-up: Notch (New York) Mosquito & Thomas Gylling with Crew • DJ:s L’Flow & Roka (Latin, Reggaeton, Salsa) • DJ Lady Lorraine (Soca, Dancehall and more …) • Soca Dennis • DJ Wes & Friedrichs Le FoxDJ Isra (Cubaton, Timba, Salsa …) • Fabio Carneirinho (Forró directly from Ceará, Brazil) • Dinho & Raphael Zamorano with a turma do Bar Brasil (Samba & Pagode LIVE) • Viva Brasil (10 brazilian dancers) • Maravilha do Samba (20 percussion-players) • Filhos do Samba (10 percussion-players / Samba-Reggae) • Alegria do Samba (Sambadancers) • Samba Angels • Show Akanni CCD Samba (Sambadancers) • ZUMBA with William Flores & Latin Fitness Group • Capoeira with Kiura & China and more.

Carnival Cruise 2016: Produced by Johan von Friedrichs (Bar Brasil Estocolmo) and Eric Malm (Uncle Eric Entertainment).

Photos by © Ztefan BerthaYou are not allowed to publish this pictures at any website, printed media or similar without permission by the photographer.

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